Remote Check-in using the DocClocker App

Check-in for your doctors appointment without having to go inside.  The office will text you when they are ready for you.

Step 1

Go to App Store and download DocClocker. Register for the App with your full name.




Step 2

Search for your provider by last name and then select ADD PROVIDER.




Step 3

You will be able to see all the providers you have added in the My Providers list.




Step 4

On the day of your appointment, go to your providers page and click on the Check In button.  Here, your provider will also be displaying the estimated wait time.




Step 5

You will be notified by text message when the office confirms that you are checked in. Keep an eye on your text messages. You will receive a notification when the office is ready for you to come in.   



croppedremote check in phone_iphonexspacegrey_portrait